• the start of 7 VOICES

  • Joaquín Turina – Ráfaga

    Linda Eberlein plays Ráfaga by Joaquín Turina.



  • New duo with Guillermo Navarro García

    In our new duo with Guillermo Navarro García, violinist, we play works from Impressionism to Contemporary Music.



    October 14, 2015

    Inspiring summer masterclasses in Italy and Switzerland with Brigitte Lindner and
    Hans-Peter Blochwitz.
    Singing Mozart – Cherubino and spanish songs in concert:

    Cherubino Boswil



  • Do you know Esteban Daza?

    My transcription of the 22 vihuela fantasias from Esteban Daza – in a version for guitarists – is finished. I intend to publish them soon. This composer remains almost unknown until today, especially in the guitarist’s repertory. His motett composing style, introducing mostly 4 themes in around 80 bars and developing every single of them in a polyphonic manner, is a good ear training and gives pleasure at the same time. Some of them are masterpieces and recommendable for playing in concert.

    In addition I did a characterization and an analysis of the fantasies (in german language), proving the use of authentic and plagal modi as it was typical in the 15/16th century. The essay also contains some aspects about life and lifetime of Esteban Daza, which for I want to give special thanks to John Griffith and his huge research material.