Linda Eberlein is a classical guitarist and singer. In her new project cycle 7 VOICES she is playing and singing as a Duo, creating Guitar Solo Concerts more interesting and introducing with her piano transcriptions completely new repertories to the audience.

Grown up in Berlin Linda has studied classical guitar at the Hochschule für Musik Basel with Pablo Márquez, as well as before at the Conservatory “FRANZ LISZT” in Weimar with Thomas Müller-Pering, at the Conservatorio Superior de Salamanca with Hugo Geller and at the Academie in Kassel with Michael Tröster and Wolfgang Lendle.

Singing she studied with Hans Peter Blochwitz, Tomy Leichtweiss and Isolde Siebert.

She has won several prizes, between them in 2012 the second prize at the international competition “Festival de Guitarra” in Cordoba, in 2009 the first prize as well as the public prize at the international II Certamen de Guitarra “Ciudad Llerena” competition in Spain, scholarships from the foundations Erasmus and DAAD and in 2008 she was finalist at the “Deutscher Musikwettbewerb” in Bonn.

Masterclasses active with pianist Ferenc Rados, jazz percussionist Pierre Favre, the singers Hans Peter Blochwitz, Kurt Widmer and Brigitte Lindner as well as with guitarists Manuel Barrueco, David Russell, Oscar Ghiglia, Alvaro Pierri, Zoran Dukic, Pavl Steidl, Joaquín Clerch, Roberto Aussel and Ricardo Gallén are part of her musical development.

Lind Eberlein is living in Switzerland.